Designer for Synced Up Designs

Digital-print pageantry arts costumes, produced by Digital Performance Gear

Dakota Ridge HS 2018 "Against the Grain"

Instrument Design, Costume Concept, Shirt Design - Coming Soon

Black Diamond Percussion 2018 "The Doors of Perception"

Full Set Design & Storyboarding, Costume Concept, Drum Wrap & Drum Head Design - Coming Soon

Photos by Black Diamond Percussion

Imperial Dynasty Percussion 2018 "Entangled"

Floor, Drum Wrap, Costume Concept & Show Shirt Design - Coming Soon

Pine Creek HS 2018 "Obsessed"

Floor Design & Costume Concept - Coming Soon

George Mason University 2018 "The Memory Archive"

Drum Wrap Design

Photos by George Mason University & On2 Percussion

Nazarene Christian Academy 2018

Floor & Prop Design - Coming Soon

South County HS Winterguard 2018

Floor, Flag & Prop Design - Coming Soon

Dakota Ridge HS 2017 "String Theory"

Instrument Design - Coming Soon

Costume Concept Design - Coming Soon

Produced by Visual Impact by Design

Decals - Coming Soon

Altitude Percussion 2017 "Ascension"

Set Design

Design mockup

Vinyl Prints produced by Winter Guard Tarps

Custom Digital Uniform Design

Design Mockup

Produced by Digital Performance Gear

Custom Drum Wraps

Produced by On2 Percussion

Custom Drum Heads

George Mason University 2017 "Time in a Bottle"

Custom Drum Wraps

Produced by On2 Percussion

Photo by George Mason University

Vinyl Print Design

Dakota Ridge HS Marching Band 2016 "Hotel Hereafter"

Pine Creek HS Marching Band 2016 "The Giving Tree"

Vinyl Props and Digital Silk Flag Designs, Produced by Winter Guard Tarps

Rock Canyon HS Marching Band 2016

Vinyl Props, Produced by Winter Guard Tarps

Photo by Rock Canyon HS

Photo by Rock Canyon HS

BKPE 2016 "Mightier" Production Design

Floor Design

"Mightier" 2016 BKPE Production floor printed 60' x 90' on Vinyl, Produced by Field and Floor FX

Uniform Concept

"Mightier" Costume mockup, based on costume illustrations and also produced by Creative Costuming & Design

Photo by Domani Barkley, featuring member Alex Nielsen

Photo by Domani Barkley, featuring members Tommy Hansen and Tom Griess

Photo by Domani Barkley, featuring members Sam Sherman, Zach Tranello-Sherman, Grayson Hueser and Andrew Brickman

Custom Digital Print Fabric for Costume

Photos by GM Kuzma and Domani Barkley

Custom Drumheads

Featured Members include John Strang, Andrew Brickman and Connor Maes

Custom Drum Wraps

Photo by GM Kuzma

Altitude Percussion 2016 "Connected"

Printed 47.5 x 80 on vinyl by Winter Guard Tarps

Altitude Percussion 2015 "Starchild"

Drum Wrap designed for Altitude Percussion, produced by On2 Percussion. Photo by On2 Percussion.

In the lineup with all the WGI ensembles! Photo by On2 Percussion.

BKPE 2014 "bit x bit"

Floor Design

8-bit themed design printed 60' x 90' on vinyl by Field & Floor FX

A close-up of the design

Custom Drum Wraps

Custom DrumHEADS

The 8-bit themed drum 'wrap' printed and produced by the Mapex Quantum Marching drum company. Photo by Mapex

8-bit themed design printed and produced by the Remo Drumhead company. Photo by Mapex

Dakota Ridge HS 2014 "Into Darkness"

This production featured music based on Danny Elfman's soundtrack to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and was inspired by Tim Burton's dark and strange, creative style. Below is a gallery of image featuring uniforms inspired by the concept and produced by Creative Costuming & Designs. Photos taken by LifeTouch at the 2014 WGI World Percussion Championships in Dayton, OH.

The original mock-up based on costume illustrations by Creative Costuming & Designs

Performing members shown include: Matt Hauser, Portia Graf, Trevon Reed, Conner Howard, Jacob Ives & Whitney Bain.

Silver Creek HS 2014 "Wild Things"

BKPE 2013 "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"

Floor Design

2013 Floor design hand painted on vinyl, 58.5' x 82.5' with Melina Moser and Julian Gonzalez

A close-up of the original design concept

Custom Drumheads

2013 Custom Drumheads. Featuring members Will Robison, Kelly Mills, Mark D'Ambrosio & Josh Saunders

BKPE 2012 "BK Crew"

2012 Custom Drumhead Design

2012 Floor Design

2012 Custom Drumheads. Featuring member Elias Euler

2012 Production floor printed on vinyl, 58.5' x 82.5'